simple Review of verb tense

the simple tense


simple present:  (the simple present expresses event s or situations that exist always، usually ، habitually ؛ they exist now ، have existed in the past)


alex  watches tv  every day


(simple past :  (at one particular time in the past 


alex watched tv last night


(simple future :(an particular time in future


alex will watch tv tonght

alex is going to watch tv to night



the progressive tense


present progressive: (it is now 10:00 alex went to sleep at 09:00 tonight ، and he is still      asleep

 alex is sleeping right now


(past progressive:(alex went to sleep at 11:00 last night . I arrived at 12:00. He was still asleep

alex was sleeping when I arrived


(future progressive:(alex will go to sleep at 11:00 tomorrow night . we will arrive at 12:00

alex will be sleeping when we arrive


the perfect tense

(present perfect :(alex finished eating sometime before  now

alex has already eaten


(past perfect: (first alex finished eating. Later his friend arrived

alex had already eaten when his friend arrived


(future perfect:(first alex will finish eating . later his friend will arrive

alex will already have eaten when his friend arrives


the perfect progressive tense


(present perfect progressive : (before now up to now

alex has been watching tv for two hours


(past perfect progressive:(before another event in the past

alex has been watching tv for two hours before his friend came



(future perfect progressive:(before another event in the future

alex will have been watching tv for two hours by the time his friend arrives

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